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Here is a complete list of corrections, small and large, to Reading the Enemy's Mind.  See if you find any that aren't here (again, these refer to the hard back edition; most of these corrections were made in the paperback edition).



p. ix (first page acknowledgments) last line in first para:  after "...enough on the" add corroborating (sentence continues with "...memories of others...")

p. xii  after Dean Radin book reference add following book reference:

        Russell Targ and Harold E. Puthoff, Mind Reach:  Scientists Look at Psychic Abilities  (Hampton Roads Publishing Company, 2005).

p. 2  end of second line, change repeatedly to reportedly

p. 7     3/4 down page (13th line from bottom) change  "Much of this turned out to be mistaken" to "Much of what I thought I knew turned out to be mistaken"

p. 9    Short para in middle of page.  Change "Abruptly, a phone call..." to "Unexpectedly, a phone call..."

p.11    fourth para down, 2nd to last full line, after "The success or failure of..." add "many"

p.12    top line, change "often did it altruistically." to "were often patriots."

p. 20   8th line down, cahnge "worked for an intelligence agency." to "worked in intelligence."

p.24    bottom para, 2nd line, change "150 yards" to "100 yards"

p. 39   para before line break (and thereafter):  In the body of the text all references to book titles are capitalized but not italicized.  Is this standard form?  Just wondering!

p.48    3rd full para5th line, after "As a consequence" and a comma and delete "was that"

p.58    First para in Chapter 6, end of 3rd line, change "It is popular to say" to "Some people claim"

p.59    Second full para, first line, change "Dense" to "General"

p.69    third line, it has in parentheses "emphasis in original."  However, there is no emphasis (italics) indicated in the preceding quoted passage (all words were italicized in the original source).  Perhaps this is a similar situation to the non-italicized book titles?

p.73    eight line down, change "significantly" to "dramatically"

p. 90   eleventh line up from the bottom, remove extraneous hyphen from "sev-eral"

p.91    sixth line down, after "In fact," add "in one of his books, legendary military remote viewer"

also p. 91,  middle paragraph, fifth line, change "Remote viewing protocols are nothing more than..." to "Remote viewing protocols are just..."

p.93    second para, tenth line, another instance of "emphasis in original"

p.103           middle paragraph, sixth line down, change "courses" to "classes"

p.106           first para, last line, change "with a nickname and all." to "with an official nickname and all." 

also p.106      second para, third line delete "official " and change the following sentence to read:  "He had some rubber stamps made ready to slap "GONDOLA WISH" in red ink across the top of any official papers..."

p.116           paragraph just above line break, third line up, after "thirty-eight" add "either"

p.133           fifth line down, change "Fred let" to "Fred ushered"

p.135           end of second line down,  change "be done" to "possibly work"

p.136           para just after middle of page, first line, change "soon" to "eventually"

p.137 to 138            Starting with second line from bottom, change from "The CIA has been promising since 1995 to release the bulk of the remote viewing programs documentation.  Hopefully, Joe's work will be found among the archives so we can tell how close he came to the actual facts on the ground."  TO:

                "After promising since 1995 to release the bulk of the remote viewing program's documentation, the CIA recently made them publicly available.  So far Joe's work has not turned up, but I hold out hope that someday we will be able to see just how close he came to the actual "facts on the ground."

also p.138      ninth line from bottom, change "ten-sided die" to "multi-sided die."

p.140           tenth line up, change "Joe" to "Charlene"  [this is a relatively crucial change!]

p.142           fifth line down, change "Staring out the window. . ." to "Then, staring out the window. . ."

p.144           second para, seventh line down, change "remember" to "recognize."     Tenth line down, change "creative" to "constructive."

p.145           second para, sixth line, add "apparently" before "conducive"

p.148           first full para, second line from bottom, add "sometimes" before "easier"      Seventh line from bottom, add "ostensible" before "ten percent of their minds"

p.150           eight line down, change ". . .early 1970s Ed. . ." to read ". . .early 1970s he. . ." 

                In that same paragraph, fifth line up, change "stark, raving mad" to "stark-raving mad"

p.166           second line from bottom, change "treat" to "picnic"

p.169           bottom para, third line down, add "But" in front of "this redifi-"

p.171           second line, add "ad hoc" before "modifications"

p.198        First para under subhead, third line from bottom, delete "for years";     Move "In Warcollier's writings to front of sentence that currently starts "Ingo found. . ."
        In that same sentence, change "ideas" to "insights."

p.199        Top para, second full line up, delete extra "the."   Next line down, change to read:  ". . .standing in the same relation to. . ."

p.203        third full para from top, third line, fix comma spacing.

p.211        Partial line just above sub-head, change to read:  "remote viewing sessions of our own."

p.217        second para, starting "Charlene. . ."  change "Cavenaugh" to read "Cavanaugh."

p.221        third line from top, change "circumvent" to "get around"

p.287        second para, fifth line, change "with" to "in"

p.299        fifth line from bottom, cahnge ". . .suddenly reupted. . ." to ". . .erupted suddenly. . ."

p.303        fourth line up, delete "the Sun Streak" and replace with "our two old"

p.318        11th line up from bottom -- change "from" to "for"

p.325        top line, remove hyphen in "Kazakhstan";     10th line down, remove 's'  from end of "equipment"

p.334        first para,  sixth line down -- after "lectures" add "and monitored some of his first training sessions"; 
        same page, same line, after"handled" delete "the actual training sessions" and replace with "most of the rest of his practice sessions"

        same page, same para, but second line up from bottom of para, change ". . .though, he sometimes. . ."  to  "...though, Mel sometimes"

p.338        top line, change ". . .but in 8704. . ."  to  ". . but for 8704. . ."

p.341        bottom line, second para, change "directed"  to  "guided"

p.491        eighth line from bottom, change "Besides budgeting. . ." to "In addition to budgeting. . ."

p.506        (Several changes -- follow carefully!    2nd para, fifth line, cahnge ". . .and several others participated. . ."  to  ". . .and several others had volunteered to         participate . . ."

        Next para:  first line, change "presented"  to  "gave"  and delete "with"

        same para, third line:  delete "conscious"

        same para, change line FROM  "La Berge did not know (or at least pretended not to know) that"   TO  "La Berge was unaware (or    feigned ignorance) that"

        sixth line in same para, after ". . ."government remote viewer was"  add  "to be"

        same para, sixth and seventh lines, delete "of the study"

        fourth line up from bottom, same para, after ". . .of the study"  add  "before doing any sessions."

        same para, third line up from bottom, change "experiment was a reasonable success since. . ."  to  "experiment was successful since. . ."


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