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Paul H. Smith, a retired Army intelligence officer and Operation Desert Storm veteran, spent seven years in the Department of Defense's remote viewing program, serving as operational remote viewer, theory instructor and trainer, security officer, and unit historian. Smith has a BA in Middle Eastern studies from Brigham Young University, an MS in Strategic Intelligence (Mid-East emphasis) from the Defense Intelligence College, and is a doctoral candidate in philosophy at the University of Texas at Austin. He is president of Remote Viewing Instructional Services, Inc. (, and president of the non-profit International Remote Viewing Association.

Dust Jacket Copy for READING THE ENEMY'S MIND - Inside Star Gate, America's Psychic Espionage Program:

From behind the cloak of U.S. military secrecy comes the story of "STAR GATE," the project that for nearly a quarter of a century trained soldiers and civilian spies in extra-sensory perception ESP to search out the secrets of America's Cold War enemies. Using a skill called "remote viewing," agencies of the United States government directed these psychic soldiers to spy on targets in the Soviet Union and elsewhere, gaining information unavailable through any other means. Army Major Paul H. Smith was one of these "viewers." Assigned to the remote viewing unit in 1983 at a pivotal time in its history, Smith served for the rest of the decade, witnessing and taking part in many of the seminal national security crises of the 20th Century.

With the "STAR GATE" secrets now declassified and the program put in mothballs by the Central Intelligence Agency, the story can be told of ordinary soldiers drafted onto the battlefield of human consciousness. Due to the high level of secrecy imposed while the program was active, much of the remote viewing saga appears here for the first time. Using hundreds of interviews with the key players in the STAR GATE program, and gathering thousands of pages of documents, Smith opens the records on this remarkable chapter in American military, scientific, and cultural history. He reveals many secrets about how remote viewing works and how it was used against enemy targets. Among these stories is the search for hostages in Lebanon; spying on Soviet directed energy weapons; investigating the bombing of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland; tracking foreign testing of weapons of mass destruction; combating narco-trafficking off America's coasts; aiding in the Iranian hostage situation; finding KGB moles in the CIA; pursuing Middle East terrorists; and more.

Between the lines in the official records are revelations about unrelenting attempts from within and without to destroy the remote viewing program, and the efforts that kept STAR GATE going for more than two decades in spite of its enemies. This is a story for the believer and the skeptic -- a rare look at the innards of a top secret program and a eye-opening treatise on the power of the human mind to transcend the limitations of space and time.

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